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Are you worried that your HVAC unit isn’t working as well as it has in the past? If you answered yes to this question then it may be in need of proper maintenance, and if you are in the Bedford area then there is only one number you should call.

Four Signs Your Bedford Home Has a Malfunctioning HVAC Unit

Whether summer is in full swing or not, the reality is that you need to have a functioning HVAC unit at all times. At the end of the day, a properly functioning air conditioning unit is one of the biggest perks of your home, particularly during the summer months. It is also one of those things that you probably won’t miss until it’s gone.

With that in mind, you should keep an eye out for potential problems that could wreak havoc on your HVAC unit. If you want to guarantee that your home’s comfort levels are maintained at all times as well as making sure that you or your family aren’t trapped in 85-degree heat, then you need to keep a very close eye on these four telltale signs of potential damage:

  1. Absence of Air Conditioning: It should come as no surprise that the first warning sign that your home’s HVAC unit isn’t working properly is the absence of cool air altogether. So, if you have arrived home and have been greeted with a whole lot of nothing from your unit, then you need to call us at OSBORN AIR CONDITIONING COMPANY LLC today and let us get to work on repairing your home’s HVAC system. Thankfully for you, we can diagnose the problem quickly and effectively.
  2. Obvious Water Stain: If you think that your home’s air conditioning unit isn’t working properly but aren’t certain if this is the case, then water stain damage is one of the biggest signs. In many instances, it is often the case that the drain on the bottom of your HVAC unit has become clogged and, as a result, has backed-up water that will flow into your home’s walls, damaging them and affecting your home’s temperature control.
  3. A/C Leaks: Another warning sign that shows that your home’s HVAC unit isn’t working properly is if leaks start to occur. Low pressure in your A/C unit is a first and obvious sign of a leak but generally most leaks are very difficult to detect, and they can lead to more serious problems down the line if not treated properly.
  4. Abnormally High Energy Bills: If for no apparent reason your energy bills have increased considerably, it may be because your HVAC unit isn’t up to scratch. The main reason that your HVAC unit is operating inefficiently is that it is too old and simply has passed its best. In cases like this maintenance may be possible but it is likely that a replacement may be required.

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